Saturday, April 4, 2009

Pooch Profile: Meet Max

Name: Max

Owner: Stacey

Nickname: Handsome

Age: Stacey's best guess is 13!

Breed: Westie

Place of Origin: Westie Rescue in Round Rock, Texas (2004)

BDPFs (Best Dog Park Friends): Stacey says Max "loves everyone equally." (Zia adds that Max sometimes tires of female company and tends to wander off behind the men who walk at Dog Park.)

Mortal Enemies: Any male dog that still has his "manhood"

Loveliest Features: His confident, oblivious, bouncy strut. Stacey says, "He is his own private Idaho!"

Movie Star He Has Been Compared to: James Dean 

Signature Move: "Peeing on babies :)"  
Zia adds: Another signature move is the stealth departure move,  in which Max decides to follow his own path and sneaks off. Not so long ago, a bunch of us searched for Max in the dark because he had disappeared. He was tired of walking, so he simply trotted off to the nearest parking lot and waited patiently by a stranger's car. He had no doubt that Stacey would find him and take him home. 

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