Monday, May 11, 2009

Pooch Profile: Meet Scooter

 Scooter (pictured, left, with Muzzy)

Owner: Amy and Aidan and Jillian and Nick

Nicknames: Scoo-Scoo, Scooz, Scooster

Border collie, Husky, Aussie

anywhere from 2 to 5

Scooter's story: Aidan says, "We got Scooter from Austin Dog Rescue. He had been found in the Gonzales-Yoakum shelter in South Texas and was being fostered in Austin."

Scooter's signature move: 
His sideways gait

Habits that regularly crack his family up/ drive them crazy: 
His "don't leave me out" look

Scooter's  loveliest feature(s):  "His really, really soft fur and irresistible blue-eye-brown-eye combo."

Scooter's BDPFs (Best Dog Park Friends): 
Muzzy, Roma

Scooter's mortal enemy: 
"Daisy, a dog we meet each day on-leash on the way to school."

To what celeb/movie star/athlete/philosopher/politician has Scooter been (or ought to be) compared?: David Bowie (the eye thing)

Scooter's theme song?: 
Original song by his mistress Aidan: "I want to stay on this side of the street/I'll cross to the other when my name is Pete./I don't have any muddy paws,/although I may have that ki-ind of claw-aw-aws/I'm Scooter, rockin', rockin' scooter (etc.), the awesome!"

If Scooter could speak, what would he say?: 
"Allow me to pre-wash those dirty dishes for you," and "Don't touch my rawhide!"

If Scooter could speak, what would his voice sound like?:  
Aaron Neville or Danny Gokey (an American Idol finalist) 

Thanks, Amy and Aidan! --z

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