Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Wildflower of the Day

A tree, actually, but a flowering one. For years I thought this tree was a Huisache—because of its yellow flowers. Also, someone told me. But now  I think it is Paloverde, also called Ratama or Horsebean. Can anyone confirm or deny? It, too, is on the east side of the park, along the trail as it descends. 

Below, a pecan next to the south parking lot. It's a goner. This was one of my favorite trees. When I used to live across from the Park, I would bring Roma for a last walk very late at night. I loved the way the lights from the parking lot would throw the tree's craggy angles into silhouette. One year, too, an owl regularly used it as his (or her) perch. I am sorry that it did not survive. It always provided us with nice shade on hot summer evenings. 


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