Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Why Dogs Don't Carry Wallets

Why don't my dogs have to carry wallets or purses? Because they don't have to. Because a wallet would ruin the lines of their coats. Because they've got lackeys to find keys, open doors, pour water, dispense food, scoop poop, drive the car, and throw balls. You all know the drill. So although my dogs are thoroughly convinced that they are contributing to the household (as guard dogs and cheap entertainment) they are, let's be honest, parasites. I love them. But they don't do anything except make me smile. They certainly are not the hardest working dogs in show business or any other workplace. 

Which brings me to my point. Most of my dear readers know that I am unemployed. This blog has been the fruit of those idle hours, and it has brought me much joy to write and share my thoughts about our favorite place and beloved animals. My dogs and this blog are the two reasons I get up every day. I can't thank you enough for your participation as readers and commenters and fellow brainstormers. So, I need to ask you your opinion. 

Blogger, the host of this and a gazillion other blogs, has an option for monetizing blogs. Monetizing. I'd never heard the word until recently. One monetizes by allowing Google (Blogger's parent) to post advertisements on one's blog. According to what I've read, the ads would be appropriate to the content of the blog. If I were to click the "Yes, I want to monetize my blog" button, the next day, we'd find ads for dog and pet-related products and services. 

I've held off on this for a few reasons. One, I hate advertisements, especially ads that are not funny or cool or clever. Web advertisements especially tend to be blinky and flashy and really  dumb and distracting. Second, I like to think of our blog as a little, out-of-the-way place where we can escape the glare and noise of daily life. It's a spot we can visit for some mindless distraction and a fun take on Dog Park. I hate to impose advertising on you. Finally, I tend to think that our community of readers is so small that any monetary benefits would be tiny anyway. So why even mess with this monetization thing? But there is this nagging voice in my head that asks, "If someone will pay you for your space, then what's the harm?"  

So I ask you for your thoughts—through comments here or at Park. Stay cool, everybody. See you at the DP. 


  1. Dude, stick it to the man and take their free cash. I'll still read your blog!

  2. Why not give it a shot? If anyone is offended by you practicing your profession (writers get paid, just like accountants and motorcycle mechanics), who cares?

    You might think about adding a "shameless" button like (take a look - it's funny and tongue-in-cheek) so readers can make a direct donation. I don't expect the NYtimes to be delivered to my doorstep every Sunday for free.

    Also, maybe you can add a button/link to OliveGreenDog which is an Austin based online dog product website. They may pay for click-throughs.

  3. Your dogs need their mom to provide kibble. Bring on the ads.

  4. I agree with saracuda and mixette. I'll read your blog whether or not there are flashy or blinky ads on here. And until we can come back as pampered pups, we all need a little something in our wallets.

  5. Go for it, Sister. Ideally, your journalistic efforts would provide the park with ads AND little blue bags, but we understand that blogs don't work that way.

  6. This will obviously be a minority point of view but
    ...... please DON'T .
    Advertize-Free Zones are sacred spaces.
    Would you " Monetise " your child ?


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