Thursday, July 2, 2009

Gallery O' Frankie

Public response to yesterday's post suggests that Frankie was not shown to his advantage. (I was impressed by the expanse of his glorious purple tongue in the photo I posted yesterday—so purple and plush that I wanted to paint Elvis or JFK or the Pope on it.) So here is a post devoted to photos of Frankie-boy in all his glory. 

Tongue lolling







Transforming into a creature of the night

Posing regally

(All photos provided by Johnny & Teddy.)

Enjoy. -z

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  1. Well, being the personal assistant to Frankie- I am very, very proud. And I believe you have captured all the many moods of Frankie-D. One minor nit, Mindy may be a bit concerned by the canoodling comment with his very ruggedly, handsome friend Teddy, when they are in fact engaged in a death match wrestling event.


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