Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Happy Tails to You . . . Until We Meet Again

Hi, everyone. Here's the latest on Ladybird, the sweet dog my friends in Oklahoma found this summer and were seeking a home for here in Austin. Here's what Colleen reported in an e-mail on Sunday: 

"Last night, Ladybird apparently slept with 2 children on the bed of the woman on 38th St. Everyone seems to be settling in nicely, although the dog didn't react well to little boy's plastic gun. A gun-shy bird dog might explain a lot about why she arrived at my house. The bottom line is: you have a very powerful blog." 

Perhaps, but I think the credit needs to go to the good folks at Dog Park, who know how to network and can suss out those poor souls in need of a dog. That's a happy ending. Even better, Ladybird lives not far from Dog Park. Perhaps we'll see her there sometime. 

Another update, for those not on the listserve. The young, male dog that Tony's Sarah found in San Marcos has had a soft landing in Houston. Sarah found the little guy wandering in a park. His owner, known to folks in the area, made no attempt to reclaim him. Sarah took him to friends who volunteer at a shelter, but Cal fit right into their household. Good job, Sarah! Good luck, Cal! Sniff! Pass me a kleenex, please. I've got something in my eye. 



  1. Best. Title. Ever.

    I love happy endings...

  2. Those are some lucky dogs, and some extra awesome people!


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