Thursday, September 3, 2009

Put on Your Dancing Shoes!

Music fans, it's time to put on a clean shirt, wipe the Dog Park dust off your backside, and head out to hear some music. Dog Parker Dean (Bindi's dad) is playing around town with his various bands. In addition to his regular Tuesday night gig at the elementary school on Ramsey in Allandale, here are some upcoming events:

Sunday, Sept 6 at Jovitas(6-8 pm)
Friday, Sept 18 at Artz Rib House (7:30-9:30 pm)
Saturday, Sept 19 at Green Mesquite (7-10pm)
Saturday, Sept 26 at Botticelli's (8-10pm)

I think it's fair to classify Dean's music as blue-grassy, certainly not rock. It's the kind of music that Dean can play while drinking a beer. Which means it's probably easy to listen to while drinking a beer—very important.

Check your calendars. For more info, ask Dean next time you see him. Ta. -z

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