Monday, September 7, 2009

Signage of the Times

Okay, some of you may accuse me of hypocrisy here, but I must object to the vandalizing of signs at Dog Park that are clearly posted by state agencies. The sign above is the one under the lamp post in the south parking lot, and the spray paint appeared some time between Friday and Saturday night. The spray paint is not pretty, and it's the kind of thing that can get us into trouble with the people at TxDOT—or at least confirm that we Dog Parkers are a bunch of no-goodniks who don't pick up poop, call off our our obnoxious dogs, or respect state property. Do we really need to draw more attention to ourselves as scofflaws and ruffians? I don't think so. 

Now, I have done a wee bit of sign tweaking in my time, I'll admit. As you may remember, I used a red Sharpie to correct a misspelling on a sign posted near Crazy Guy's house. I considered my action a public service. (Honestly, if I had a nickel for every grammatical error I've seen--or heard--in the last ten years, I be able to buy my own parcel of land and establish a membership-only Dog Park. You'd probably be invited to join. Your dog would at any rate.) Also, many of us suspect that the sign was erected by a private citizen, crazy though he is, and not the state. (And let's face it, a sign is probably all that maroon can erect. Snap!) My little red mark was small revenge for the grief and stress Crazy Guy causes me each time he accosts me in the Park. 

I don't think it's the coward's way out to a) play it cool, b) fly under the radar, c) keep a low profile, or d) insert your favorite cliche here in order to avoid attention and trouble from TxDOT or, worse yet, Animal Control. So, please Sign Vandalizer, leave your spray paint at home, and I'll cap my red Sharpie, and we'll never speak of this incident again. 

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