Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Walkabout III: Turkey Creek

Yesterday, a bunch of us Parkers went for a walkabout in Turkey Creek, a leash-free trail inside Emma Long Park, off City Park Road and FM 2222. As it was a holiday, there were plenty of other dogs and people enjoying the sunny day. We started out as a party of two adults, three children, and two dogs, but some wanted to turn back. Muzzy, our young friends Lydia and Aidan, and I made the full 2.5 mile loop. The creek has been dry for years due to drought and over development of the surrounding areas. It is really a thrill to see not only pools of water in the creek bed but rushing streams Here are some highlights of our walk. If you have not been out to TC before, check out this link at austinparks.org. Enjoy. -z

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  1. That looks lovely! I hadn't heard of that leash-free area previously; must check it out.


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