Sunday, March 21, 2010

Oklahoma, Land of Lost Dogs

Well, our friend Colleen took her girls up to Oklahoma for spring break. Usually she finds a dog in need of a  a home (e.g., Muzzy (2007), Ladybird (2009)) during the summer months, but she managed to find a candidate on her short trip this month. So, everyone, meet Honey. She has been staying with Colleen's sister-in-law, Cass. Here's what Colleen has to say about Honey:

I'm sending along doggie info for any dog-parkers who are looking to increase their packs. She seems to be about 2 yrs old. According to Cass, her fur is soft like a bunny. She has been in a stable pack setting since October. German-shepherd sized. Fixed, shots. Will deliver; scholarship available.

In other words, if you or anyone you know or love is in need of an adult dog with a sweet disposition and incredibly soft fur, please let me know, and I'll put you in touch with the right people. 

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