Thursday, April 8, 2010

Muzzy in Bluebonnets: The Movie

Hi, all. Please indulge me. Below is my first effort at movie-making. I used my new Mac to paste together photos of Muzzy in bluebonnets, along with a snippet of video. The "movie" lasts only a minute and a half, but at worst you can close your eyes and listen to Glenn Gould playing Scarlatti, which is always a treat. The bluebonnets won't last forever, but thanks to the power of YouTube, this little slideshow will dwell eternally on the Internet. Enjoy. -z


  1. Liz,
    The movie won't play :( It says something about it being private and we need to accept your friend request.
    Patton & Scout

  2. Very nice. Come to the OK state and make a movie about black calves. It's turkey season and the toms are really strutting their stuff. Redbuds in bloom too.
    Doin' fine in OK.


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