Friday, June 11, 2010

Survey Says

Okay, so a lot of people have been commenting on (and fretting about) these surveyor markers that have appeared along the east side of the "Dog Park." In fact, speculation has not been limited to on-site Parkers; one source tells me that the topic was raised earlier this week on the local radio station KLBJ. (I tried to research this, dear readers, but the fact is that I don't get paid enough to listen to a slew of podcasts of morning shock jocks, even for the sake of factual accuracy and blog dish.) I am not sure what to think about about the fact that listeners to a show on a station whose Web site provides links to Rush Limbaugh know and care about our "park." My source also says that people on the show were outraged by the possibility that the surveyor stakes might mean our precious land may be turned into a commercially developed parcel. The usual nightmare scenarios were discussed--parking lots, grocery stores, condominiums. (My dear old dad used to call those "condoms." Snork.) As you might expect, a form of populist rage erupted, and people called in to say that they wanted to go right out to "the dog park" and tear up those posts. Power to the (unorganized but rage-filled) people, but do you have to publicize our "dog park" on the (AM) radio?

As you can see, a few days later, the posts were still there. Plus, I have seen no evidence of hordes of angry Tea Party members or Libertarians trampling our fields. (Unless they are driving the lawnmowers.) Which is a relief. I'd like to mention, too, that another source, whom I trust highly, told me that the posts have been used by TXDoT employees practicing their surveying skills. My eyewitness says that she saw a group of folks out in the fields a couple of weeks ago with their measuring devices lining up the poles. Pshew. But I understand the momentary panic.

We are all on edge. Last night, at dark, a few of us stragglers nearly had heart attacks as a small SUV with the city logo pulled into the south parking lot. Everybody scrambled to find leashes. I flung Muzzy into the car. But the folks who pulled in actually worked for Victim Services. They had only stopped by for their scheduled break. In fact, they were meeting someone with dogs, and, while waiting, one came over to pet ours. Still, my heart was pounding. I am going on vacation in nine (9) days. For one (1) week. Far away. As much as I will miss all of you and all of this, I kind of need to get away.

Finally: Remember that Friday night is now "beer nite" at "Dog Park." Johnny and Michelle have been regularly bringing and generously sharing brewskis (and also providing much welcome seating on the backs of their white pick-up trucks). Thanks, guys!

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  1. Really? Someone called in on KLBJ? I'm shocked considering I almost never see anyone at the park that I don't know well.

    I too think they're doing training or qualifications of some kind for interns or new hires. Too bad they can't be new in November when it would be pleasant to stand out in that field.


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