Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Hot Dogs

I know that it's the 13th, but I'm under-employed again, which means it feels as though July 4th weekend will never end. This year, I've used the holiday and my lack of money-making activity as an excuse to put my feet up and extend my vacation at home. In the spirit of independence, I've been sleeping late and, while awake, living on a pretty strict diet of hot dogs (soy dogs, really; sorry carnivores, but they taste just as good and contain no dubious body parts) and watermelon. Mmm, mmm, mmm!

Each day, I can't wait until lunchtime, when I toast yummy hand baked hot dog buns from Central Market (whole wheat, yes, but made with butter and cream), nuke a couple of dogs, lay down a schmear of yellow mustard, and then park myself under the ceiling fan and listen to the radio announce how hot it is outside. I have a real (room temperature) dog at my feet. She would like some of my hot dog, but no soy for you. It gives you gas. But you may have a bite of this tasty crust.

For dessert, a big, thick, bubblegum pink slab of icy watermelon. It's so crisp and sweet. Pure heaven. I thank the powers that be for every delicious bite. Sigh. Summer lasts forever here in Texas. Might as well enjoy it. Ta. -z

Photo credit: I found this delightful graphic at Dog Art Today. Go to that link to trace it farther back.

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  1. I went on a huge grilled hotdog on a bun bender last summer! Favorite condiment: Wickles relish, and ideal go-with: salt and vinegar potato chips.


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