Saturday, March 28, 2009

Pooch Profile: Meet Bailey

Name: Bailey

Owner: Scott

Nicknames: Biggie

Age: 3

Breed(s): Rottweiler (Scott says, "But don't let that scare you.")

How Scott Found Her: "An exhausted puppy wandered up to a City of Austin swimming pool on a hot June day and collapsed by the pool. A girl working there as a lifeguard took her home. When her boyfriend's adult Doberman kept picking on the sickly puppy, the girl took her to her parents' house, which happens to be on my street. From there, Bailey got out one rainy night and followed me and Bandit home."

BDPFs (Best Dog Park Friends): Maggie ("her little sister and annoying sidekick"), Muzzy, Wilson, Frankie (Bailey is the largest member of the "Black and Tan Club" composed of Bailey, Muzzy, Wilson, and Frankie—three of whom are shown to the left; from left: Wilson, Muzzy, Bailey—I think. When they start running together, none of their owners can tell which dog is which.)

Mortal Enemies: Mail carriers, squirrels, cats

Loveliest Features: Scott says, her "perfect markings; slender figure; and a long, undocked tail atypical for a Rottweiler" (Zia adds that because of her size and breed, people freak when they see Bailey coming, but she is one of the sweetest dogs at the Park.)

Favorite Treat: Dried chicken breast pieces

Signature Moves: Flopping over on her back at the slightest provocation to invite a chest/belly rub (Zia notes: This move is suitable for WWF, complete with rib-crunching thud on impact. Another memorable move is one I call "the T-Rex," from the movie Jurassic Park. Bailey waits while Muzzy and Maggie are too distracted wrestling each other [like the velociraptors]; then she swoops in and takes out both of them. Pow!) 


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  1. I love these profiles! Bailey is a sweetie pie.


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