Sunday, March 22, 2009

Spring Break: Oklahoma Style

I think we can add these bad boys to Muzzy's list of mortal enemies. The interesting thing was that she didn't even notice them until they moved or mooed. Then she charged and barked at them like an idiot. She had no concept that each of these beasts weighs as much as a car and could squish her like a bug—not to mention that they were the source of the patties that she found so delish. These enormous animals are amazingly stealthy. They could vanish in an instant and suddenly appear on the other side of the field--without anyone seeing or hearing them move. 

Here's our Roma grazing in a field of young wheat. As you can see, our Dog Park seems puny in comparison. 

Here is Muzzy at the edge of a field of clover. Behind her is the creek, the source of those pesky ticks. I have yet to find a tick on either of the dogs. I put their flea & tick prevention stuff on them before our trip, just by chance. 

That stuff really works. I wish I had had some for myself.  Instead, I found myself jumping around like a marionette in a little tea shop in town after discovering ticks crawling up my neck and pant leg. Sorry, there is no photographic evidence of the ticks. Imagine lentils with legs.

The girls and Gracie, age 4, are heading down the driveway to check the mail and also the squished rabbit. A lot things can get squished on a ranch, but we managed to remain intact on this trip, thanks in great part to well made fences.

This visit to Oklahoma was Roma's first road trip in almost seven years—since I moved back to Texas in 2002. I really thought that at 13 she would have trouble with the long hours in the car and the unfamiliar surroundings. As you can see, I was wrong. The Old Girl had a great time.


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  1. That is the greatest photo of Roma!

    If you ever need someone to part the hair on the back of your neck and apply some Advantage just ask...that's what friends are for ;)


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