Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Pooch Profile: Meet Roma

Name: Roma

Owner: Zia

Nicknames: Romey, Roma-doma, Romisch, Roma-Padoma, Poober, Booby (as in blue-footed, that rare bird), Bubby ; also, now that we have Muzzy, Mumma--a combination of the two dogs' names. Don't tell my own Mum. 

Known at Dog Park as: The Grey Ghost

Age: 13

Breed(s): Best guess: Husky and German Shepherd

Place of Origin: Another planet, but I found her at the Austin Humane Society

Places She Has Lived or Visited: Texas, Iowa, Illinois, Massachusetts, the Appalachian Trail, the Atlantic Ocean

Most Commented-on Feature(s): Her soulful eyes, her worried expression, her thoughtful demeanor 

BDPFs (Best Dog Park Friends): Any human who carries treats

Mortal Enemies: The mailman and the meter readers 

Movie Stars She's Been Compared to: Katharine Hepburn and Greta Garbo

Signature Move(s): Deep, sad gazing at humans who carry treats; the paw push (as in "I'm sitting right here!")

What She Would Say If She Could Talk: "Ha, ha! I can't hear you." "I am so out of here." I also think she could recite all the digits of pi. 


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