Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Pooch Profiles: Meet Muzzy

Name: Muzzy     
Owner: Zia

Nickname(s): Muzzy-moo, Muzzer, The Muzz, Moomish, Muzzola, Moo-moo (alternate spelling: Mu-Mu)

Age: almost 2 (born sometime in April)

Breed(s): Hmm. German shepherd and perhaps beagle (something  hound-like)

Place of origin: Oklahoma (found by friends at 8 weeks, wandering with her brother puppy)

Best feature(s): Liquid brown eyes, velvety ears, long tail with little white tuft at the tip

BDPFs (Best Dog Park Friends): Bindi, Tessa, Wilson, Bailey, Maggie, and Little Dog

Mortal Enemies: Sophie, the neighbor's dog; that  three-legged dog at Dog Park

Favorite Toy: that  @#$%-ing squeaky red football, Nylabone (chicken flavor)

Movie Stars She's Been Compared to: Anne Hathaway (for her leggy, wide-eyed charm)

Signature Move: Paw in the water bowl while drinking, standing exactly where you want to walk, bunny-hop pounce, also--she licks everything

What She'd Say If She Could Talk:  "Why are you yelling? " "Open the door, please!"

Later that same day: I forgot to say that I hope to make this a regular feature about dogs other than my own who visit Dog Park. Dear Reader(s): Please send me photos and interesting stats about your own Dog Park faves. Thanks!


  1. I went to the park this morning (yes, in the rain) and few more hardy plants have popped their heads out.

    It will probably still be pretty sparse this year. Too bad - I miss seeing the brides in their big dresses on the side of MoPac having their portraits taken.

  2. The first time I looked at this I saw:

    Breed(s): Ham.

    Guess that still does apply...


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