Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Dog Dreams

A couple of days ago, I had a strange dream. It was one of those dreams in which I can't find my dogs. These dreams are recurring, and they were bad enough when I only had one dog. Now that I have two, the anxiety level has really amped up. So in this one, Roma, of course, has run off without the least regard for my bellowing, but eventually Muzzy, my mama's girl, comes running up to me with her little red squeaky football in her mouth. When I bend over to pat her and put on her leash, I discover that not only does she now sport the wooly fur of a poodle, but embedded in the fur are dozens of little sprouting plants. Muzzy has become a Chia pet!!! 

I have been puzzling over this one all day. What does it mean? Has Muzzy gone green? Will Muzzy become my meal ticket? Will we win the lottery? Hmm. More likely the dream is telling me to GIVE THAT DIRTY DOG A BATH! 

While I continue to ponder, you, dear readers, might help me out a bit. I know that you might enjoy reading about your dogs—and not just about Muzzy and Roma—in this space. I have been running the occasional Pooch Profile, and I'd love to feature  your favorite canine. Take a look at some of the sample questions below. Answer as many or as few as you like. Make up others that are funnier (take my jokes, please!).  You can contact me at busyzia@gmail.com  I may already have digital pix of your pooch from my daily photo sessions at the park, but you may also send in shots that show off your dog to his or her advantage. I would love to hear from you. --z

Pooch Profile Questions:
  1. Dog's name?
  2. Nickname(s)?
  3. Breed(s)?
  4. Age?
  5. What's your dog's story? 
  6. What are his/her signature moves? 
  7. What habits regularly crack you up/drive you crazy?
  8. What is your dog's loveliest feature(s)?  (Go ahead, brag a little.)
  9. Who are your dog's BDPFs (Best Dog Park Friends)? 
  10. Who is your dog's mortal enemy? 
  11. To what celeb/movie star/athlete/philosopher/politician has your dog been (or ought to be) compared? (Again, don't be modest. We all know your dog is the Denzel/Julia Roberts of the dog world.)
  12. What's your dog's theme song? (Roma's is "Superfreak." Don't ask me why. The lyrics go "She's a very dirty girl / The kind you do take home to mother.") 
  13. If your dog could speak, what would he or she say? 
  14. If your dog could speak, what would his/her voice sound like?  (For example, Pavarotti or the lunch lady on The Simpsons?) 

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  1. I will get on this asap. I have actually given it quite a bit of thought and have jotted down some notes.

    Superfreak, huh...


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