Friday, April 17, 2009

Pooch Profiles: Meet Tony

Name: Tony Bologna

Owner: Sarah

Nicknames: Old Man, Sweetface, Old Man Face  

Breed(s): Border Collie, Pit Bull, something else

Age: 6 and a half years

Tony's Story: Sarah says, "He was the unwanted runt of from a litter of 5 boys. Now he's a big old mama's boy." Zia adds: Tony's brother, Yogi, used to visit Dog Park sometimes. They look nothing alike—Yogi is multicolored and shaggy—but they have similar moves.) People think Tony is an old man, but he just looks like one. He's had white chin hairs for years already. 

Signature Moves: Giving Sarah "flat tires" (walking so close to the back of her legs that he steps on her shoes) and producing "camouflage poops that are almost impossible to find"

Habits that Crack Sarah Up: Sarah says, "I think he knows my friends' names (as well as their dogs') and gives reactions based on how much he likes them. Also, he knows I don't eat meat, so he begs off everyone else. I am his last resort."

Loveliest Features: His "old man face" and his "superman sheen" (Zia likes to tease Sarah about Tony's dainty ankles. Also, one day a small child met Tony and gave this appraisal of his physique: "How come he's so big up front and so skinny in back?")

Tony's BDPFs (Best Dog Park Friends): Elliot (Roma and Muzzy, too, though he rarely shows his affection; he's too cool. As you all know from a previous post, Muzzy feels a deep abiding love for Tony and will race across the Park to find him and lavish him with kisses.)

Tony's Mortal Enemies: Teddy, all humpers Also, he's not keen on intact males.

Celebrity/Movie Star/Athlete/Book Character/Philosopher He's Been Compared To: Ferdinand the Bull (Tony loves to stop and smell all the flowers, especially buttercups.)

Tony's Theme Song: Something reggae

What He Would Say If He Could Speak: "If you don't want my bone, just say so." "Are you done with that food?" "Jeez, Muzzy, give me break."

What He Would Sound Like If He Could Speak: One of the mobsters from The Simpsons (Fat Tony, perhaps?)

Artwork That Really Reminds Me of Tony: 

Title: Fashion Dog
Source: The blog Dog Art Today: Modern Dog Art and More by Moira McLaughlin

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