Monday, April 6, 2009

Dogs in Art: The Film

While searching for images of dogs for use here, I stumbled onto this video—Dogs in Art: The Film.  Created by Moira McLaughlin, it compresses more than five thousand years of dogs in art into a 3 minute piece. McLaughlin's beautiful and informative "Dog Art Today" blog has provided a couple of the pieces of fine art I've used in this blog. This entry identifies all the art works that appears in the film and their artists: 

Which is your favorite? I think mine is the cartoon Bassett Hound by Charley Harper. I actually have been to Pompeii, but the famous mosaic Cave CanemBeware of Dog— was not housed amid the ruins, but in a nearby museum, which, of course, like most museums in Italy in summertime, was closed. (Chiuso! The only word I know in Italian). Instead, I saw the spot where the mosaic would have been. 

The dreamy music is a song called "Parlez-moi d'amour" by Charlelie Couture, performed by Mark Isham, from the soundtrack of a 1990 movie about American ex-pats in 1920's Paris called The Moderns, which critics mostly panned. That film has nothing to do with dogs, alas.  Enjoy the movie!

Ciao! --zia

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  1. I loved this! My favorite is the David Hockney paintings of his dachshunds.

    I just threw another book on the pile for you (Stephen Huneck!) - one of his paintings was in the video.


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