Saturday, April 11, 2009

Mixed Bag(s)

Thank you for all  your feedback about the topic of poop bags. One of you kindly pointed out that the true king in this category is the Target bag. I could not agree more. Roomy, sturdy, opaque, and free with purchase—all the qualities we cherish in a poop bag. I forgot to mention the Target bag for the simple fact that they are so rarely passed along anymore that I no longer use them for clean-up. (My Depression-era grandmothers would be so proud that I have a taxonomy of trash.) I save the Target bags for inside jobs—trash can liners and holding other bags and even as gift wrap. (My friends' kids know not to expect real wrapping paper around the gifts I give.) The bags are so rare now that I don't even have one to photograph for use in this blog. Sigh. I can only dream. 

Please keep your comments and ideas coming. I enjoy them so.   

Now to some Dog Park business. 
I still talk to people who have not joined the Dog Park listserv, which provides more timely and immediate information than this poor blog. Here are the instructions for signing up, courtesy of an e-mail that Ran Hirsh posted in February: 
To subscribe: 
2.  at the bottom type  dogparkinfo in the search box, click on the Search Lists button
3. click on the  link 
4. in the left hand menu bar click on the subscribe link 
5. fill in your email address, click submit 
6.  follow the instructions sent to you in the subscribe email 

Please let me know if these instructions do not work for you. I will send you the name and e-mail of the fellow who set up the listserv. 

More business: 
As you know, we had storm clouds over Dog Park last week with the proposal of House Bill 4536, in which the Texas State Cemetery Board tried to initiate the process of selling land that makes up about half of our Dog Park. Laura LaValle contacted a friend who is a lobbyist, and he made some phone calls on behalf of Laura and all Dog Parkers, as well as the nearby neighborhood. Laura's friend agreed to work pro bono, and Laura has established a PayPal account to which grateful Dog Parkers may contribute funds. The link was posted on the listserv. Here is where you can go to contribute: . Please give what you can. I know that money is tight now during these troubling economic times, but Dog Park is a free and essential part of our lives. It's difficult to imagine life without it. People have already put in $1,000.00. Well done, everybody!


  1. Instead of doing the NY Times crossword (kudos to you for attempting that!) to build my brain, I memorize people's email addresses and then send them the instructions for how to sign up for the listserv.

    I think that there are now over 200 people subscribed, but I'm always shocked when I find out that someone I know and see all the time isn't in the loop.

  2. a "parker" who resides outside the immediately bordering neighborhoods with their active Associations, I'm happy that we were able to make a strong contribution to the HB4536 opposition as a distinct voice. The voice of hundred of barking dogs!


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