Thursday, June 18, 2009

How Old is Your Dog?

The other day, I overheard a couple of Parkers trying to figure out their dogs' ages in people years. We used to think that each dog year equalled 7 human years, but I think that calculation was really just an average. It was really only accurate at the end of a dog's life, not at the beginning. As one source pointed out, a dog of one year can reproduce, but a seven- year-old girl certainly can not. Apparently, it's all about hormones. So the new theory is that a one-year old dog is a teenager, about 15 years old. Still too young for having babies, of course, but physically possible.  Below is a chart I found at a site called The site has no particular credibility, but the chart is the least complicated I've found and reflects the calculations I've seen at other sites. 

Thanks to this chart, I now know that in my household I've got a ball-crazed twenty-something (Muzzy just turned 2) and a cranky retiree (Roma is closing in on 14). 

Another angle I never hear is calculating one's own age in dog years. Based on this chart, your faithful blogger clocks in at about 6.33 dog years. I like that better than clinging pathetically to 39, which wasn't such a hot year anyway, as I recall. -z

Canine Age

Human Age 

2 Months

14 Months

6 Months

5 Years

8 Months

9 Years

1 Year

15 Years

2 Years

24 Years

3 Years

28 Years

4 Years

32 Years

5 Years

37 Years

6 Years

42 Years

7 Years

47 Years

8 Years

52 Years

9 Years

57 Years

10 Years

62 Years

11 Years

67 Years

12 Years

72 Years

13 Years

77 Years

14 Years

82 Years


  1. Very interesting. I had never heard anything other than the 1:7 conversion.

    If Mindy is 24+, that makes her much more obnoxious than even I realized! I've been writing her exuberance off to her crazy teenage years. She must have skipped college and is trying to make up for a lack of learned panache with enthusiasm. Or she's just exceptionally dorky. :)

  2. I like this one (It's for medium dogs only):

    They are 24 years old by the time they are 2. Every year after that is 4 additional years.

    So Tony is 40, going on 44 (if it were the 7 year rule he would be 42 going on 49). well take whatever we can get!


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