Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Muzzy Sez: Meet Teddy

Um, hi! Hi, it's Muzzy. Mama has headache. She lie down now. Muzzy in charge! Ok. This is Teddy. He's cute. Except when he tries to steal my ball. 

I like Teddy. Except when he bothers my boyfriend Tony. Hi, Tony! Love you, love you! 

Teddy have little tags that go tingtingting. When Tony hear tingtingting, his fur goes up. He's tough. He go grrrrrrrr at Teddy. Then Tony's mama pick him up. Hi, Sarah! And Tony's big! Teddy puts paws on Sarah's leg. Sarah say, "Go away, Teddy." Teddy no listen. Sarah carry big Tony away like sack of potatoes. So silly.

So I think if Tony don't like Teddy maybe I should go grrrrr, too. But then I forget. We pals for a while. Then Teddy get too close to ball. My ball! I go grrrrrrr. Then GRRRRR. Then it's all TEETH and GRRRs and POUNCE. Teddy goes "Yi, yi!" Mama maaaaad. I get time-out then put in car. Muzzy go home without ball. Car very quiet. No treats at home. Stupid Teddy. 

Now we are ok. See, Mama? Teddy doesn't bother me no more. Can I have treat now? What happen if I put cold nose on Mama foot when she in bed? Oops. Sorry, mama. No treat now. Darn.

Roma says: "At first, I thought Teddy was my old pal, Pearl-girl. He looks just like her. He came running up to me, and I was so happy because her person always gave me treats. I sniffed and sniffed and sniffed. Then I realized that it wasn't Pearl. Oh, well. When some dogs leave the park, they never come back. No one knows why. Teddy, he's okay. He doesn't bother me." 

Thanks to John, Teddy's owner, for photo. -z


  1. Muzzy is becoming such a good little writer! Is she bugging you for a phone so she can text her friends?

    We love Teddy too!

  2. I admire Muzzy's self-discipline. I know lots of girls her age who can only type in illegible green swoopy fonts with excessive exclamation points.


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