Tuesday, August 4, 2009

In Defense of the Nap

A word or two before I leap back into the world of employment: Don't Knock Naps. A recent New York Times article pretty much describes naps as the refuge of the depressed, the unemployed, and the elderly and unwell. Oh, and the obese. Hmmph. As of today, I'm none of those things. I'm not ashamed: My name is Zia, and I'm a regular napper, in good times and bad. I refuse to be judged on my nap habits simply because of some silly research. 

I happen to think that naps are essential to quality of life. Austin summer days are way too long and too hot. What's wrong with an afternoon siesta as long as the dogs get fed and the bills get paid? For one thing, naps are free. Many people I know claim they don't dream or, if they do, that they don't remember their dreams. Mine are usually quite vivid and entertaining. A short nap is like going to a technicolor matinee. In my dreams, I fly, chase, ponder the end of the universe, or fret about my dogs, the test I didn't study for, my rotten teeth. Then I wake up and take those dogs for yet another walk. Boring? Yes, but at least I'm in a better mood after my snooze. (See? Everybody benefits!)

On this issue, I prefer to let the dogs take the lead. What are your dogs doing right this very second? (Go ahead, take a look. They're right under your feet.) They might be idly scratching an ear or stalking a squirrel or barking at the mailman or chewing on your shoes, but most likely they are stretched out snoring. What a life. Nap, eat, walk, poop, nap some more.  But, I ask you, what's the problem? The people who scoff that life is short and that they'll sleep when they're dead are really not as much fun as they think they are. I say, lie down with dogs, get up with a better attitude. Ta!

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