Friday, November 20, 2009

Who Donut Love Doughnuts?

Okay, there has a been a lot of talk at Dog Park lately about doughnuts—the best or most original ones and where to find them. Dog Parker Michelle (Mindy) writes a wonderful blog called Foodie is the New Forty. For a lovely photo array and reviews of some insanely devised doughnuts concocted at a local venue called Gourdoughs, check out her most recent entry. You will not believe your eyes, but your taste buds will be teased. Above is an example. The doughnut shown above is seasonally appropriate. It's called The Gobble Gobble. It is essentially next Thursday's dinner plopped artfully on a circle of sweet fried dough. Michelle said she liked it.

As someone who grew up believing that Entenmann's doughnuts were the height of culinary delights, I expect all doughnuts to assume the size, shape, and heft of hockey pucks, to be laden with trans fats, and to inspire a heart burn so piercing that, if harnessed, it could warm a small Midwestern city in January. Those of you who are foodies will have to convince me that doughnuts like the ones Michelle reviews are not the devil's work.

Humans are not the only creatures who enjoy snarfing sweet baked goods. For another visual treat, click here. The link is to one of my favorite blogs, Doe-c-Doe, created by a graphic designer-crafter-thrifter-photographer who lives in the Midwest. (Thanks to Erica for her recommendation. She knows all the cool blogs.) In this entry, the blogger's dog plays a key role. Can you guess what happens? Go ahead and check it out. The photos will make you smile.

Have a good weekend.


  1. I loved that doe-c-doe post!

    When I had knee surgery several years ago a good friend kept bringing me boxes of donuts from the just-opened Krispy Kreme. Donuts: so evil, but so so good.

  2. Have you seen those adorable sewn felt donuts around on the web? Could use felted sweaters and they'd be a really cute dog toy.

    Here's a tutorial from Crafster:

  3. Oh, that Doe-c-doe post made me smile!

    And who said Gourdough's isn't the devil's work?


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