Thursday, January 7, 2010

Ready for Their Close-Ups

I hope you will indulge me today. A sunny and cool New Year's Day offered an ideal opportunity to take some photos of the dogs and create some documentation parity. (I have boxes of photos of Roma; of Muzzy, alas, like any second child, I have very few shots.)

First, a proper head shot—

–which was obtained only by holding this object in the same hand as the camera (that's why her ears are a little cropped*):

Muzzy has some unusual markings on her head and feet. I like how the shadows play on them in these shots:

Did you notice how M's tail "sprouts" out of the back of her head. It looks like she has a little handle, like a mug or a teapot.

Her tail is irrepressible. Here it curves out of her ear.

When Muzzy was a puppy, I was amazed that she'd let me touch her paws. (Roma will never let anyone touch her feet.) I would sit on the floor and stroke them and tell her how tiny they were. Now she's got big ol' paws, as you can see. I still like to pat them.

And now for someone completely different—our Roma, scruffy but still regal.

Thanks for indulging me.
* For an interesting and revisionist take on Vincent Van Gogh and the myth of his severed ear, check out this recent article by Adam Gopnik in The New Yorker. 

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  1. Ha! Maybe that's what I'll aspire to in my dotage: scruffy but regal.

    Muzzy gets my vote for best eyebrows and best tail.


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