Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Urban Walkabout

As I've mentioned, Muzzy and I made resolutions to walk more and be more adventurous. On New Year's Day, Dog Park was only one stop on a vigorous urban walkabout. Here are some of the sights.

We cut through Dog Park and headed down to the creek.

There's been tons of erosion. Live Oaks used to hold the embankment together, but over the past few years, several have collapsed into the creek, leaving only torn roots. The water was surprisingly clean.

We decided to climb up the embankment to the east side of the creek. Below a view of Dog Park from under that tree.

The building that backs up to the creek and Dog Park is the Texas State Library. It is a very mysterious building. The door makes two ominous statements: "Authorized Access Only" and "No Public Restrooms." (!!). So don't make any attempt to enter this building. What exactly goes on inside, I'd like to know.

Even the parking sign says, "Tsk, tsk."

Our urban walk continued, along Shoal Creek and then on to the new sidewalks on 45th Street.

Here is the view of Dog Park from the 45th Street bridge. Parkers know that Crazy Guy lives dangerously close to here. I knew that I was taking a risk. In fact, as I was snapping this shot, he revved his fancy, black sports car out of his driveway and tore down the street. That is as close to CG as I want to get.

A lavender wall on 45th Street.

A sign on an nearby neighbor's fence. She's not kidding with this sign. She trains Dobermans. Occasionally, she conditions them by riding her bike while a Dobie trots along beside, tethered by a mere cloth leash. They both sneer at us mutts as they cruise by. Inside, Muzzy and I shrink a little.

Why our street, two-blocks long and dead-end, rates two signs, I'll never know. No one can ever find our street. The extra sign isn't really helping flag people down. Almost every week, I find a driver stranded in our neighborhood. "How do I get to Mopac?" is the plaintive cry. I feel so powerful, holding another's fate in my hand. "Ha, ha, ha. You can't get there from here."

Thanks for walking with us.

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  1. It's Amy. I know exactly what they do at the Texas State Library. Next time I see you at dog park I'll give you the scoop. :)


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