Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Red State Update: Notes from Muzzy's Homeland

There are still times when I wonder what is wrong with Muzzy; for example, the days when she horks up undigestible grackle feathers or gnaws for hours on the recently recovered chuck-it ball that had been decomposing under the back porch for more than a year. And then, I remember, she is from Oklahoma, the land where dinosaurs still roam the earth. Don't believe me?

Michael, uncle to our young friend Lydia and brother to Metacranky Colleen, sent us these photos of a creature from the land that time forgot. Sheesh. Uncle Michael spends busy days fixing broken machinery, hauling cattle, and driving to the dump but still has time to e-mail us scary pictures. (UM says that his new friend really stinks, too.) Thanks for the red state update, Michael!



  1. This guy looks like I feel. Being from Red State, we're both really sensitive under our tough exteriors.

  2. Ahhh...that turtle has pointly little fangs on his *chin*, for crying out loud!

    I am so relieved that it resides in OK and not at the dogpark. Which is what I thought when I saw the first picture.


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