Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Waning Wildflowers

I took my camera to Dog Park last night. I wondered if I could find anything new to snap. We've had an amazing wildflower season, but it peaked long ago. The fields are in a sorry state--half mowed, half covered with shaggy, dried up stalks. To my surprise, though, amidst the spear grass and burrs, I discovered thistle and red poppies, flowers I have never seen at Dog Park before.

Can you see the ladybug in the bottom part of the cluster of blossoms?

Such a sky and not a drop of rain.

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  1. Rainier's mom said she thought that someone planted those poppy seeds since they were all in a clump together and appear nowhere else in the park. Hmmm. Guerilla gardening at the dogpark. I like it.


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