Monday, September 6, 2010

"Cuter Than Republicans"

I don't want to get anybody into trouble by naming names, but a Loyal Reader surreptitiously took this photo at the "First Pets" exhibit at the Bob Bullock Museum and provided the topic for our blog. Pictured above is a display is of the First Dog of Texas's dog house, a replication of the Governor's Mansion. Here's what the display text says:

"The Mansion-themed doghouse became a popular attraction during Christmas candlelight tours hosted by Governor Rick Perry and First Lady Anita Perry (2000-). In 2004, the family incorporated images of Lucy, their Miniature Dachshund, in several holiday decorations throughout the house. Lucy actually did not sleep in the canine Mansion but stayed with the family in the private quarters."

My comment to Loyal Reader was that I had no use for certain Republican governors but that Lucy was in all ways cute. To which LR replied, "Dogs are always cuter than Republicans." Who am I to contradict? Thank you, LR, for the photos and for making me laugh. -z

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