Wednesday, September 1, 2010

File Under "Double-Take"

Hi, all. Fellow Parker and blogger Michelle (Mindy) sent along a link to her friend Tony Chor's blog. Tony posted this picture. What do you think?

I saw it and thought, "There's something definitely wrong with that panda." Those of you who have had your coffee have probably already figured it out. That's no panda; it's a dog. Hunh. I had a similar reaction the day I looked out my window to see a neighbor walking the ugliest dog on the planet. Oops. It wasn't a dog; it was a pot-bellied pig.

At Dog Park, we have plenty of dogs named Bear (or variations, like Oso), but none actually looks like it could climb a tree or bust into your car (or your cranium) with razor sharp talons. The "panda" pictured here is eerily like the real thing. Plus, it really lives in China. To read Tony's entry and find a link to a CNN  story about China' new craze of dyeing dogs to look like wild animals (and even Ninja turtles), click here. Thank you, Michelle! Thanks, Tony!

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