Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Muzzy Sez: Meet Sugar

Most of us are probably old enough to remember that drecky comic strip "Family Circus." Remember how "Dad" would sometimes let little "Billy" help out with the strips? He'd draw a follow-the-footsteps cartoon that led us through Billy's naughty escapades. ("Stop by cookie jar.") Well, Muzzy has asked me if she can help out with the blog. She wants to offer a different perspective. I said, "Okay." The only changes I have made to Muzzy's prose are spelling and small grammatical changes for clarity. Have at it, Muzzy.

Hi! Okay! Hi! Meet Sugar. She pretty. Pretty heavy. She lives with Michelle and her grandmom Millie. (Hi, Michelle! Hi, Millie!) Michelle pulls my tail. And pinch my ears. Ow.  I run away. Run!

Sugar can be nice. Also tough. When I was puppy, Sugar pound on me. A lot. I use my speed to get away. "Run, Muzzy. Run fast!" I say to self. Zig. Zag. Zoom, zoom! Sugar runs like tank. In straight line. "Just keep zigging, Muzzy." I zig wrong. POW! Under Sugar's treads. Ouch. 

Now I am big. Sugar not always after me. But I watch her from corner of my big browns. When I play with BDPFs [Best Dog Park Friends]. I bite Maggie's neck. Then BAM! Incoming Sugar. She wipes grass with me. Ow. Why you so mean? Sugar just laugh. She goes, "Heh, heh."

Roma sez: "I'm cool with Sugar."


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  1. Muzzy is learning at the knee (ankle?) of a master.

    Darling photo of Miss Sug.


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