Sunday, June 7, 2009

A Pride of Ridgebacks

It's the Role Models (Doug's Max and Mesi) versus the Super Models (Nguyet and Eric's Naya and Elphie)—just four of the eight or nine Ridgebacks that frequent the Park. Aren't they beautiful? It has taken many months, but I think that I can tell them apart—if they are not moving too fast. Can you? Here's a cheat sheet:
  • Max: The only boy. Beaded collar. Has a nasty scar on his left side. Very sweet. 
  • Mesi: Beaded collar. Has a narrow face that resembles Wile E. Coyote (in a good way) and a black patch on her tail. Tends to hang close to Doug. She's the anchor; Max is the window man.
  • Naya: Aqua and pink collar. Tends to stand still and stand tall. Is calmer than Elphie, but a mighty force when she gets rolling. 
  • Elphie: Has darker coat than the others and moves faster. The mighty huntress. The Ridgeback that wears a wicked grin while facing Muzzy or Wilson down is always Elphie. 
Okay. Now test your skills at identifying them. All the photos featured today were taken by Johnny, Teddy's owner. Thanks, Johnny!


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  1. I *adore* these dogs! I never knew any before I started coming to the DP. It cracks me up every time when they chase the border collies. That's Naya up there keeping an eye on Cocoa in the last photo.

    And now I know how to spell Meci's name ;)


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