Thursday, July 23, 2009

A Helping Hand

Hi, all. I need to ask you those of you who are not on the Dog Park listserv to check your Rolodexes for the names of reliable, conscientious pet-sitters who could help out fellow Parker, Jon, and his dog Elliott. 

Some of you may remember Jon and Elliott. Jon used to park his green Toyota truck under the pecan trees behind the buildings in the north parking lot. He'd bring his coffee and sit in the shade to study city architectural code or the New York Times. Elliott is his old Lab who, since having neck surgery a few years ago, has been shaky on his legs. (To help stabilize him and make him easier to heft into the truck, Jon has taken to dressing Elliott in an orange child's life vest.) Jon needs to go out of town in a couple of weeks, and Elliott requires some care—more than I can give in a house with slippery floors and two rambunctious dogs. If you know of anybody, please let me know in a comment or in an e-mail to

P.S. Jon is responsible, in a way, for the name of this blog. A few years ago, Jon took offense at the "no parking" signs when they first appeared—because he always parked there. He used an Exacto knife and some black electrician's tape to alter the sign. (For the photo above, I used markers and construction paper for a distinctly more amateurish effect.) One night, I just happened to remember his little sign prank and thought it was a good name for a blog. Thanks, Jon. And thanks to everybody who reads. 

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