Monday, July 20, 2009

Black & Whites

No explanation is necessary.

Sidda Lee



Old Man Tony



All photos were shot by Johnny, who took a dog-inspired spill this week. Johnny, if you read this, let a Dog Park buddy (of the human variety) know that you and your knees are okay. Also, Diane (Frankie) has set up a Shutterfly account with hundreds of Johnny's Park photos. If you would like access to the account—to add or download photos of your favorite mutts—just let me know by sending a comment (click below) to this blog or an e-mail directly to me at 

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  1. Hi -Z & everyone

    Just wanted to say thanks for the help on getting out of the park on friday. I'm fine, I ended up with a couple of hairline fractures of the Tibia, torn ligaments in my lower knee, bruises & trama (severe knee sprain). I have to take it easy for a couple of weeks. Thanks for everyones concern. Can't wait to get back I'll see you'all soon. Johnny.


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