Friday, July 24, 2009

Word of Mouth: Pet Sitters

Good morning, everyone. At Dog Park yesterday I met a fellow named Bruce and his Rat Terrier Marley—both are Dean and Bindi's neighbors. Bruce asked me if, as a blogger of all things Dog Park, I could recommend a good groomer in central Austin. I could not. My dogs are self-grooming and only occasionally get soaped and sprayed off in the yard. Instead I could only offer half-remembered recommendations and anecdotes about local groomers.

So it occurred to me that one practical application of this blog would be to list dog-related services and products that have been consistently and highly recommended by fellow Parkers. Since you all were so kind yesterday to provide recommendations of pet sitters for my friend, I thought I'd share with you the list that I compiled for him. After all, there's no such thing as too much information.

The first two pet sitters on the list below were recommended by more than one Parker. The others appear in no particular order, but all were spoken of highly. 
  1. Diane Migliazzo, 512 608 8858,,,
  2. Lisa Anderson, 512-467-9531
  3. Catherine Joyce, 512-786-3802 (c),
  4. Roberta Maleski, Amore Always Petsitting
  5. Katie Mae Hubbard, 512-366-0328
  6. Kristen, 
  7. Chricel (pronounced Kris-sell) Portela, 512-292-3250
  8. Kelly's Pet Care, 512-300-7387,
  9. Content Love Knowles, Harlequin Pet Services, 512-442-7657 (o), 512-945-9816 (c)
  10. Donna Oliver, 512-627-0880

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  1. This is awesome - thank you for putting this where it can be found when needed.

    You can find out practically anything you need to know by talking to the people at the dog park from an upholsterer to a dog sitter!


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