Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Dream Dogs

So, the last dream I had before waking on Saturday involved the dogs. It was set in the apartment Roma and I shared in Worcester, MA, in a big, high-ceilinged rowhouse with worn hardwood floors. In the dream, I was fretting because I had just put my purple yoga mat through the blender. Also, I was trying to pack for our move back to Texas, and I could only find shoes for my right foot. Annoying!

Both dogs sat on the floor at the end of the bed, watching me patiently. In the dream, Roma could talk. She looked at Muzzy and said in a sardonic voice, "I guess she's forgotten how to walk us." I got the hint; I woke up immediately and took the girls for their morning constitutional. Talk about the power of subliminal suggestion.

PS: Muzzy is less indirect in her wake-up calls. I forgot to set my alarm on Monday night. At 6:35 a.m.--20 minutes after I should have gotten up--Muzzy simply came and sat by my side of the bed and breathed on me. She didn't want to go out when I opened the back door. She just looked at me as if to say, "Don't want you to be late!" What a good girl.

PSS: Sorry the art is so lame. Blogger is having technical difficulties and won't let me load photos or images that are larger than a thumbnail. As always, I appreciate your patience.

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  1. That's some crazy dreaming, girl! Yoga mat smoothie?

    Your words are worth a thousand pictures.


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