Thursday, August 27, 2009

What the Dogs Do While You're at Work

Back in the day, when everybody drank hard liquor, smoked unfiltered, ironed their clothes, and drove classic cars, your dogs might have whiled away the workday hours this way:

But this is Austin and a new era, so while you're working too many hours for too little pay, your dogs are probably improving themselves by doing yoga, learning Spanish online, watching organic gardening shows on the Create channel, or participating in a book club in which they read and discuss the merits of dog-centric books, such as Racing in the Rain ("Meh.") and Marlee and Me ("Enough with the dying dogs! Pass me a kleenex!").

It could happen. Want proof? 

Yes, the masterpiece of doggie kitsch has been lovingly reinterpreted by an artist named Mark Sowa. You can read the story behind the artwork and its source at the always interesting Dog Art Today. 

Now you know why you keep finding spent herbal tea bags and Kashi bar wrappers in the trash when you come home. Also, those mysterious charges on your credit card to Half Price Books.


  1. Muzzy and I also spend a lot of time on the phone together.

  2. dogs wash and fold the laundry while I'm at work...


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