Saturday, September 19, 2009

Toads in the Holes

The recent rains have brought out not only rain lilies and little green sprouts of grass but also toads.

The first evening after the heavy rains, the amphibians started leaping up out of the deep, drought-hewn cracks in the trail, especially along 45th Street. They must have felt the vibrations of my walking because they'd hurl themselves out of the holes and nearly land on my feet, causing me to gasp and flail my arms like a girl. Muzzy and Roma paid no mind to either the toads or to my distress. Question: Have the toads been lurking in those holes all summer? Freaky.

Tonight was the first time I was able to catch one of our toad friends in action.

Once the flash on the camera started popping, Mr. Toad hit the road.

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