Friday, May 21, 2010

Chinese Dog Signs

We are not talking astrological signs today. Some of you may know that Doug (Mesi, Max, Murphy) is in China at the moment. He is bumming around Beijing while his wife Lisa wheels and deals in executive meetings. Doug sent these dog-related photos. His explanation is below the photo.

So I'm here in Beijing...checked out the hutongs today, traditional
Chinese neighborhoods, of which few remain. I took a photo of a curious
sign (attached); it apparently dictates which type of dogs may be
owned by hutong residents. The homes are very small and close to each
other (see photo). I don't have independent verification of the
interpretation of the sign. This is just my best guess.

Notice that there are not any Ridgeback photos on that poster? I wonder why?


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  1. It appears that our friend Scout would be welcome in the hutongs of Beijing.


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