Monday, May 17, 2010

It's a Brand New Day

Sigh. We need something a little lighter today. I thought I'd post some of Richard Whittington's (Elinor and Zoey) photos from Dog Park. Some of you may have already seen them on the listserv, but I love the way they are so saturated and deeply colored, so they are worth another look. This one is my favorite.

Muzzy and I encountered this young man and his dog on the same day as this photo was taken. The boy was so serious and silent. This photo perfectly captures his furrowed brow and slightly cocky stance. After all, he's walking a gigantic dog. He's the man.

Here's a windswept Wolfie. When Wolfie was a pup, everyone assumed he was an Irish Wolfhound. They predicted great things and proportions. Wolfie's as tough as his name, even though the rest of him didn't grow very much.

Playful Cholito! He's small but proud. Oh, how the Muzzy likes to chase him. But she cheats. He runs and runs. She waits and triangulates, then POW! Cho can take it, though.

Senior Andy-pants, a new Dog Park regular, puts out the vibe "Chase me." Andy is usually the center of a scrum of dogs at least three times his size. Muzzy loves him, but in the wrong way. (Love = I want to devour him whole.) Muzzy's joy at seeing Andy is usually tinged with disappointment at being yelled at. "Let Andy be" is a particularly hated command that is obeyed with regret and sad face.

This photo of our "boyfriend" Frankie is such a nice one. It's as though he's on the set of Friday Night Lights, show that is shot in Austin and makes the most of our golden twilights and plentiful fields of St. Augustine grass. Here, a shadow-streaked Frankie might be thinking wistfully of the championship game that could have been. He coulda been a contender.

Finally, here is Elinor herself, looking so sage. Those of you who are fans of the recent Doctor Who series may see a resemblance between our Elinor and the aliens called Oods, with their wrinkled faces and solemn, but gentle blinking eyes. Oods don't move like linebackers, though, which is Elinor's specialty. She and Muzzy love to spar. We can't wait to meet Elinor's baby "sister" Zoey.

Thank you for the lovely photos, Richard.

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